Komara Keeps Sparkling Through Three Generations

The Komara name has meant jewelry since 1948, when Stephen Komara opened his store on State Street in Struthers.

In 1977, his son, Robert Komara, opened a second Komara Jewelers location in Cornersburg. A third location was opened in Boardman in 1985 by Stephen’s other son, Tom.

Today, there is one Komara Jewelers store, operated by Robert’s children Brianna Komara Pridon and Rob Komara. It is in Cornersburg.

Over the years, the business has become more dependent on technology for testing, reporting, selling and managing but the heart of the business is the same, she says.

“It’s the same core principles and culture,” says Pridon Komara. “Treat people and employees how you want to be treated, sell quality merchandise at a fair price and service everything we sell with a smile.”

Pictured: Rob Komara and Brianna Komara Pridon bought the company from their father.