Now That’s a Great Wall

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The Andrews Avenue mural in Youngstown was finished Nov. 27, bringing its length to more than 500 feet.

The mural is the work of Youngstown State University art students taught by Dragana Crnjak. Students who took the public art class in the fall 2020 semester created the 160-foot initial section. The new section seamlessly extends the mural; it’s impossible to tell where the initial portion ends and the new one begins. It also continues the theme of shared memories of local culture and history.

Because of its length and the wall’s curvature, the mural is too long to see in its totality from any one spot. It’s art that the motorist takes in while in motion.

Pictured at top: Professor Dragana Crnjak of Youngstown State University and Karen Schubert of Lit Youngstown stand in front of the mural.