Nurses Most In-Demand Jobs in Ohio

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Online job postings in the state surged by 24,167 in the most recent reporting period, led by registered nurses with 14,254 online job postings, according to the latest data from Ohio Means Jobs.

The agency reports a total of 315,216 job openings posted to the JobsOhio Network from Sept. 14 to Oct. 13. That’s up from 68,978 postings from the same period in 2020.

Registered nurses accounted for the most job postings, followed by heavy and tractor-trailer truck drivers with 13,541 postings, first-line supervisors of retail sales workers with 12,483, retail salespersons with 9,663 and software developers with 8,052.

Of the total posted jobs, 26.4% list a middle income salary range of $30,000 to $49,000. Upper middle-income jobs ($50,000 to $79,000) comprise 25.5% of posted jobs. Entry level jobs (less than $30,000) make up 17% of postings, high-income jobs ($80,000 to $99,000) 10.4% and six-figure jobs 20.7%.

Most jobs posted (43.9%) require a high school diploma or GED, compared to 38.5% that require a bachelor’s degree.

In the 18 counties that comprise northeastern Ohio, as defined by the JobsOhio network, sales and related occupations accounted for the most job postings with 15,538. (See chart below.)

Health care practitioners and technical occupations accounted for the second-most job postings in the region, with registered nurses comprising 40% of all job postings. Licensed practical nurses, or LPNs, and licensed vocational nurses accounted for 7% of job postings.