Predictive Analytics Cuts Risks When Ramping Up Production

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – In the growing field of additive manufacturing, one of the biggest hurdles for entrepreneurs to overcome is the gulf that exists between making a prototype and ramping up to full production.

“There’s a lot of risks,” says Gary Gladysz, deputy group leader of MST7 at Los Alamos National Lab and founder of Excellent 3D.

“Predictive analytics can do a lot in reducing the risk across that valley of death, that a lot of good ideas that should come to fruition die.”

As an example, Gladysz, a native of Brookfield, says that manufacturers who are looking to create a part, and considering what material to use, can employ predictive analytics to narrow the field to save time and money.

“So you take this processing structure, properties, performance and you work backwards,” he says.

“Only these few materials will work based on working this problem backwards with predictive analytics.”

Gladysz discussed the state of the additive manufacturing, the entrepreneurial spirit of Youngstown and his leadership style during a recent episode of the Brain Gain Youngstown Leadership Podcast.

Here are some key takeaways:

Diversity isn’t limited to race and gender. It also applies to experience.

Never stop learning.

Don’t sweat the decision you just made. Sweat the

decisions that are approaching.

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Pictured: Gary Gladysz, a native of Brookfield, is the founder of Excellent 3D.