Whole Family Is Under One Roof at TEMA

LIBERTY TOWNSHIP – TEMA Roofing Services LLC lives up to its motto, “Focused on Quality, Founded on Family.”

Seven members of the Froelich family, representing three generations, currently work at the Liberty Township company.

The company’s story dates to 1984. That’s when Tom Froelich started working in the roofing division at Roth Bros. Inc. with his father-in-law, Bill Charles.

After working together for 22 years, Charles retired in 2006. That year, Froelich and two other business

partners purchased the Youngstown-based Roth Bros. Inc. from First-Energy.

In the ensuing five years, they doubled the company’s size and then sold it to Sodexo.

“Only in America,” Froelich says of the turn of events.

After enough time passed to honor a noncompete agreement with Sodexo, Froelich and his family started TEMA Roofing Services.

“Together we have reclaimed our rightful place in our market,” Froelich says.

Tom Froelich is president of the company; his wife, Margaret, is chief financial officer and Bill Charles is senior consultant.

Four of Tom’s sons are vice presidents: Adam, operations; Justin, sales; Scott, marketing and sales; and Tommy, sales.

“Our success as a third-generation family-run business is founded on trust,” Tom Froelich says. “We have a large family and we all live close to each other.”

Pictured: Margaret and Tom Froelich, center, gather with their children and grandchildren.