Braydich Dental Donates $13K to Project MKC

HUBBARD, Ohio – As a result of another Smiles for Charity campaign, Mark and Rudy Braydich, co-owners of Braydich Dental Inc., presented a check to Project MKC for $13,000.

“They gave us an estimate of the funds it could be in between and we were like, ‘Oh, this is a really big deal,’” said Shelly Marlowe, co-president of Project MKC, at the check presentation Tuesday. “It really means a lot.” 

For nonprofits like Project MKC, money can be stretched out a long way, Marlowe said. The donation will help the corporation expand their services, which include donating diapers to parents, running summer food programs and creating comfort kits for children in children’s service agencies.

“When it comes to children, we have adopted programs based off needs of other nonprofits in the area,” she said. 

Founded in 2010 as Making Kids Count by Jenny Kennedy, the organization’s mission is to improve the quality of the lives of children and their families by focusing on their individual needs with the help of volunteers. 

Every donation made to Project MKC goes directly to their programming. The nonprofit has two donors who pay for their office rent utility and salaries. The donation will go toward the purchase of diapers or creating comfort kits, Marlowe says.

“When we first started the nonprofit, people that knew us said it’s a really bad time in the economy, people don’t have the extra funds,” she said. “We found that to be farthest from the truth. We’re always blown away by people who do something selfless and do something because they want to.”

The Smiles for Charity campaign is an annual fundraiser organized by Braydich Dental, 45 E. Liberty St. in Hubbard, to support local organizations that aid children. During the course of the campaign, funds are raised through offering teeth whitening to anyone for $100.

“Every year we pick a charity, usually associated with kids, and we’ve been very blessed in our lives, so we want to give back,” said Mark Braydich, co-owner of Braydich Dental. “We have no problem picking a [new] charity every year because there’s a bunch of them we haven’t dealt with yet.” 

The teeth whitening drive runs from March 1 to June 30 annually. Past recipients are Hubbard Public Library, Animal Charities, Tod’s Children Hospital, Neighborhood Ministries, Heart Reach Ministries and Akron Children’s Hospital of the Mahoning Valley.

“We bring in different charities and we interview them,” Braydich said. “Project MKC stood out in their interview process in what they’re doing and how they’re helping children.” 

Since Smiles for Charity’s inception in 2004, more than $300,000 has been donated toward selected charities. When people in the community are noticing others giving back, it allows them to build bonds through the generosity, Braydich says. 

“Our team, community, as well as friends and supporters of Project MKC make this a win-win for everyone,” said Rudy Braydich, co-owner of Braydich Dental. “It’s one of the best things we do all year.” 

Pictured: Braydich Dental co-owner Mark Braydich, Project MKC co-president Shelly Marlowe, dentist Stephen Orlosky, dental assistant Mary Soltis, Braydich marketing concierge Debbie White, Braydich co-owner Rudy Braydich, dental assistant Brittany Perkins, and dental assistant Rachel Markowski.

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