Build Better Relationships Through Podcasting

Keeping a client happy and engaged with your product or service is an efficient, cost-effective way to keep funds flowing to your business, says DeShawn Scott, owner of The D5 Group.

“It’s very hard to get somebody to convert,” he says. “There’s a lot of work that goes into that. And once you have them you want to keep them.”

One way to continue to add value to your customers, Scott says, is by using podcasts, which can be a great way to deliver valuable content to your ideal clients

“Being able to give them that is part of the deeper relationship,” Scott says. “They can be getting dinner ready for the night and listening to this content that you’ve made for them.”

Unlike social media marketing, podcasts provide businesses an opportunity for a more intimate relationship with their customers, he says. They also provide companies with more control over the delivery of their message.

“Social media marketing is powerful but it’s rented space. You have to be on social media to get that particular ad,” says Scott.

However, with podcasts “all I have to do is subscribe to you. There’s no algorithm controlling what I see.”

In addition, Scott says, podcasts have a long shelf-life, and can be repurposed well beyond just a single audio track. A company with one hour of audio can take that content and slice it up into even more digestible pieces of content, he says.

“You can take a sound bite and then leverage that sound bite on your website or your social media platforms. There are tons of ways you can do it,” he says.

For more on how to leverage podcasting to benefit your business, watch our interview with Scott above.

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