Business Journal Launches E-Edition Free Trial

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — In an effort to provide as many platforms as possible for readers, The Business Journal is developing a digital edition of our print publication.

Visitors to the website can enjoy a free trial of the e-edition, featuring the popular MidAugust issue that included extensive coverage of The Butler Institute of American Art and its 100th anniversary. Click “E-edition Free Trial” at the top of the homepage to browse the special digital version of the issue, which has sold out in print.

“When we first announced we’d be expanding our coverage and capabilities, one of the most common questions we received over social media was about digital edition subscriptions,” says CEO Jeff Herrmann. “We recognize that readers want the news and information they need at their fingertips. And when certain issues sell out in print, having an e-edition ensures our readers can access our exclusive coverage whenever and wherever they wish.”

In addition to giving readers another way to access the coverage, the e-edition is a boon to advertisers as well, Herrmann says. While online ads are restricted to certain sizes on a website, the e-edition features the full-color, full-size ads in the print edition.

“Better still, we’re finding ways to make the ads in the e-edition clickable, further extending the reach for our advertisers’ dollars,” Herrmann says.

Before the e-edition can be fully launched, some work needs done on the website, Herrmann acknowledges. The Business Journal is in the process of developing a log-in feature and pricing structure so readers can subscribe to the e-edition.

Subscriptions won’t affect access to the day-to-day coverage, Daily Buzz and 3 Minutes With videos or content in the Business Strategies Video Network. However, enterprise stories that appear in print will require subscriptions for online and e-edition access, he says.

For the time being, all online content is accessible without a subscription, including the e-edition for The Butler content. Print subscribers will have complete access to online content as well.

“The news environment in our region is undergoing sudden and deeply felt changes in a very short period of time,” says Andrea Wood, publisher of The Business Journal. “As residents make decisions about where to get their news, we believe the inclusion of the e-edition will enhance the experience of our current readers while opening up The Business Journal to brand new audiences.”

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