CMT’s Magnet Featured on Discovery Channel Saturday

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Can a fire extinguisher really propel a person in space? Can a large scrapyard magnet wreak havoc on a computer hard drive like it did in the TV show Breaking Bad?

These answers can be found on the TV show MythBusters Jr on the Discovery channel Saturday at 9 a.m. which will feature Youngstown’s City Machine Technologies Inc.

Adam Savage hosts MythBusters Jr, where CMT’s 3,300-pound, 47-inch deep aluminum, yellow scrap handler industrial lifting magnet will make its TV debut.

This magnet is the same one that CMT displayed in July at the White House for the Made in America Product Showcase. The magnet is manufactured at CMT’s lifting magnet division on Andrews Avenue in Youngstown, and is used primarily in the scrap industry.

CMT manufactures and rebuilds electromagnets for steel mills and scrap yards, and provides electrical, mechanical, machining and field services to industrial and commercial companies throughout the United States.

Pictured: MythBusters Jr host Adam Savage with CMT’s magnet.

EDITOR”S NOTE: This story has been updated to report the new time for the program, Feb. 9 at 9 a.m.

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