Bailey Corridor ‘Crazy’ with Inquiries

In the MidDecember 2020 edition, Dan O'Brien takes a look at how North Jackson-Lordstown sites piggyback on huge projects underway. We also learn how workforce development boards work for business and how businesses fared in the PPP, we meet the winner of the latest YBI pitch competition and we show how one artist is giving some art masterworks the Santa treatment.

MidDecember 2020 Issue

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Bailey Corridor Through Lordstown and N. Jackson ‘Crazy’ with Inquiries

Pandemic Validates Retirement Planners’ Advice

EGCC President Shares Leadership Lessons

Mercer, Lawrence Businesses Got $275M in PPP Loans

Wickshire Senior Living Begins $700K Renovation

Journal Opinion: Congress Must Act NOW

Stories Never End for YBI Pitch Winner

Santa Delivers Smiles to Classic Paintings at Butler

Liberty Hotel Sells for $2.4M

PPP Program in Valley: $789 Million in Loans; 91,000 Jobs Protected

Infrastructure Drives Growth in Mahoning County

Growing ‘Family’ Leads Mediate Financial to New Office

Initiative Targets Blighted Commercial Properties for Redevelopment

Commentary: My 23 Years at the YBI Comes to an End

Flight Crew Samples Holiday Craft Beer

Company-Sponsored Retirement Plans Show Commitment to Employees

PPP Loans in 5-County Region by Bank

Victoria Road Warehouse Sells for $1.9 Million

Need OJT, Workers? Workforce Boards Work for Business

Jeans Makers Turn Blue as Athleisure Goes for Gold

Kravec Honored For His Leadership During Pandemic

TV Special Pulls Back Curtain on ‘Miracle on Easy Street’

SBA Pays Banks Billions in PPP Fees

Commentary: It’s That Time of Year

Home Health Providers Navigate Pandemic

Luxury Apartment Complex Built for ‘The Seasons’