Dearing Compressor Revenue Grows by 15%

By Becky Wall, Vice President
YOUNGSTOWN – Dearing Compressor is fueled by customer confidence and will celebrate 75 years of business in the Mahoning Valley in 2020.  

This time last year, the outlook was promising and the performance of our highly skilled team did not disappoint. We stayed within the lanes of our core markets – manufacturing and oil and gas – and increased revenue 15% by expanding products and services.  

The biggest challenge? Meeting expectations and adapting to the modern customer. Technology is woven into all of Dearing’s processes to run faster, leaner and more efficiently, but it is still relationships that drive business. 

In 2019, hiring was back at the forefront. The company recruited 30 professionals in sales, field service, human resources, supply chain,  service administration, engineering and production positions. 

Last year Ryan Wilson, great-grandson of the company’s founder, joined the board of directors and executive committee as vice president of manufacturing. He is the first member of our family’s fourth generation to lead future expansion and development. His task is to champion the improvement of products and people within the organization, working side by side with his uncles, President Rick Dearing and Vice President of Operations Albin Dearing, and the company’s leadership team.

No one knows better than Dearing Compressor that the skilled trade work shortage is real. Education and training is well underway in the Mahoning Valley to fill the gaps and our company is passionate about getting the message out. Again in 2019, the company dedicated time and money for tools and resources to engage students in the manufacturing world, and we don’t intend to stop. 

On May 1, the Dearing team celebrated the inaugural National Skilled Trades Day. Thanks to City Machine Technologies, another family business, National Skilled Trades Day was established to encourage those looking for jobs to consider the skilled trades. Dearing employees jumped on board and celebrated by proudly displaying their red, white and blue T-shirts with an American flag and the slogan, “Dearing salutes skilled trades.”

Dearing remains a recognizable workforce campaign for the United Way. In addition to making pledges, 40 faithful employees joined The Day of Caring to Fight Blight. 

What’s next in 2020? Most important we will celebrate our 75-year anniversary and honor our founder, past leaders and valued employees who got us where we are today.

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