What’s the Difference Between Wealth Management and Investment Management

“Investment management is taking the client’s dollars and investing it for some purpose,” says Richard C. Morrow, Senior Financial Adviser with HBK.

“That’s an important component, but when you take a step back, the wealth management is much broader,” he says.

In this installment of Expertise Coordinated, Morrow talks about why it’s important to work with an RIA rather than other advisers, and what he expects the markets to look like in 2019.

“Global growth improved a little bit in the first quarter, the Fed seemed to relax on their interest rate stand, and the rebound came fast and fierce,” he says.

“What we’re looking at now is a market that’s up over 10%. So we do think volatility is a concern, you have to go into it with your eyes wide open, but being globally diversified, having the proper risk tolerance and being prepared for those moments like we had in December, 2018 is important.”

To learn more about how the tax law is impacting taxpayers, watch the video above.

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