Diletto Winery

CANFIELD, Ohio — Jacqueline Shell said that she used her experiences in Europe to inspire Diletto Winery.

After her trip, Shell and her husband began making wine for fun at home in an attempt to recreate one of her favorites from Ireland. Winemaking soon turned into one of their favorite hobbies. In fact, the word “diletto” means “hobbies” in Italian.

“Fruit wine is definitely our specialty and we are well-known for having three to five different flavors of sangria,” said Shell. The wines mirror the styles that Shell enjoyed in Europe. Shareable menu items such as flatbread pizza and cheese plates are available, as well as smoked foods on the weekends, including their popular smoked wings.

The winery also features murder mysteries, escape rooms, live music on the weekends and painting classes on Thursdays.

“We are a very community oriented group of business owners. We have a hashtag that we use called ‘Community over Competition’. That’s why the wine trail is so wonderful because every winery is different both in it’s atmosphere, setting and product offering.”

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