Medical Assisting Program

The medical assistant performs a variety of administrative duties dependent upon the physician’s practice and unique office requirements. The duties may include acting as a secretary, bookkeeper, and receptionist; answering incoming calls; receiving mail; greeting patients; handling correspondence and filing; arranging for laboratory and X-ray procedures or hospital admissions; taking histories; and maintaining patient records, accounts and billing.

The clinical duties of a medical assistant include preparing patients and assisting the physician with examinations or treatment; measuring height and weight; and taking vital signs. The assistant may perform certain laboratory tests, take X-rays or EKGs, or assist with diagnostic and minor surgical procedures and the administration of injections or other medications.

Applicants are encouraged to take basic science, mathematics, and typing courses in high school or prior to entering the program.

Medical Assisting Program application/admissions criteria are identified in the Admissions section in this catalog.

Qualified students are enrolled in the one-year accelerated certificate program. Upon successful completion of the certificate program, the student may complete the required credits for the Associate of Applied Science Degree in Medical Assisting in the day or evening.

Upon successful completion of the Medical Assisting Program, the graduate will be able to:
• Perform entry-level clinical procedures.
• Perform entry-level administrative procedures.
• Perform entry-level general procedures.
• Meet requirements to sit for the AAMA basic certification examination.

A student qualifies to sit for the AAMA Basic Certification Examination upon completion of the one-year certificate program. Candidates for the Basic Certification Examination are required to pass the entire examination in one attempt. If successful, a certified medical assistant certificate will be issued, and the initials CMA (AAMA) may be used. If a candidate for the examination is not successful on the first attempt, the entire exam may be repeated.

The minimum length of enrollment as a full-time student to complete the accelerated certificate program is two semesters plus a five-week term.

Program Effectiveness 

Five-year average with a minimum threshold of retention and job placement of 60% required per the Medical Assisting Education Review Board (MAERB).

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