Employees Are Empowered at First Choice Electrical Solutions

Submitted by Katlyn Kahler, Purchasing Manager
First Choice Electrical Solutions
2115 S. Union Ave., Alliance, OH 44601

ALLIANCE, Ohio – I began my purchasing career at First Choice Electrical Solutions in 2019 with no experience in the electrical contracting field. Starting a new career in an area you have very little knowledge in – and a field that is male-dominated – could have been intimidating. But the owners, Mike Oakes and Scott Fellers, have always empowered me to have the confidence needed to excel in the position I am in.

First Choice Electrical Solutions has five core values: Integrity, innovation, balance, dependability and community. I witness these values daily. Integrity and dependability are unmatched on our team. I have never once felt that I wasn’t being treated fair. I have always felt incredibly respected, and I feel a sense of genuine loyalty from the company that is hard to find in an employer.

In the Christmas spirit during a company party are, front row: Chuck Dulcie, project manager; Jamie Dulcie; and Jodi Fellers. Second row: Stephanie Backer; Sarah Oakes; Mike Oaks, FCES owner; Katlyn Kahler, purchasing manager; and Kyle Kahler. Third row: Nick Backer, field operations manager; and far right is Scott Fellers, FCES owner.

We always say we are a family here and I really feel that way. Being a family goes beyond 8-5. I know if I need help with something after hours, people here will volunteer their time to help, and they have. This leads me to community. For us, community means fellowship with others. Last year the team spent a week together in Nashville for a conference. Some could dread a trip like this. But for us, it was fun.

I have said many times: I had just as much fun with the team as I would have had if it was with my closest friends. We spend so much time of our lives working. It is a breath of fresh air to be able to have fun and enjoy the people I work with.

Another value First Choice Electrical Solutions executes well is work/life balance. I have been in positions where the dread of requesting time off outweighed the excitement of vacation. Working for a company that values their employees and understands there is life outside of the office has been a blessing.

Lastly, innovation is at the core of the company. As soon as I began my career, they gave me the resources I needed to build my department however I felt necessary. Last year I discovered a new software that would greatly improve purchasing. They trusted my experience, research and motive and encouraged me to implement the new software quickly. Being on the team for under two years at the time, I was proud they trusted my judgment.

Working for First Choice Electrical Solutions has been such a joy. I hope everyone works for a company like this at some point in your life. It will change your whole outlook on what work should be like.

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