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YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Dozens of entrepreneurs in the Mahoning and Shenango valleys navigated the challenges of the pandemic to launch a new venture, proving the entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well.

For Growth Report 2, The Business Journal spoke with owners of six local businesses who shared their experiences. They include Devyn Bellamy of Geras Home Solutions; Amy Javens of Cycle Life Studio; Lindy Lauro of Lindy’s Lunch; Monique Davis of Beloved Guardians Home Health Care; Sara Lee Grandelis of Lotus Art Center; John McDonald and Joe Driscoll of Easy Adapter Inc.; and Benjamin Warren of Big Benz Towing & Repair.

Each will be spotlighted separately online.

Beloved Guardians Home Health | Monique Davis

The pandemic spurred Monique Davis to launch her company, Beloved Guardians Home Health Care, a tenant of YBI’s original building. Davis, who has more than 20 years in the medical field, says things were changing at the company she worked for, and numbers increasingly seemed to matter more than people – patients and employees alike.

Matters came to a head when she contracted COVID-19. Nervous about what effects she might suffer, she told her manager that she wasn’t returning to work until she felt completely better. The manager responded by asking her how long she planned to “milk” her illness.

“That showed me that she had no compassion. She didn’t care about me. She didn’t care about the other workers. She didn’t care about the patients,” she says.      

The company she launched in November 2020 provides medication plan management, daily living assistance, house cleaning, laundry, meal preparation and running errands.  

Davis admits business is a little behind where she expected it to be, which she attributes to staffing issues.

“Because I can’t get workers, I can’t service a lot more clients,” she says.

Assuming she is able to bring more employees on board, “2022 looks wonderful,” she says. 

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Pictured: Monique Davis launched Beloved Guardians Home Care in November 2020.

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