Incorporate Exercise into Your Every Day Routine

Make Exercise a Priority
It’s easy to do some squats from your office chair or take the stairs instead of the elevator. We’ve all heard those tips before. But the reality is you need to set aside time in your day to exercise and exert yourself. Take 30 to 45 minutes a day, most days of the week, and really commit to hard work and exertion.

Being able to fit a workout in your day is not a matter of time management, but priority management. And since we are talking about your health and well-being, there shouldn’t be much that takes priority over that. After all, when you look and feel your best you can give the world your best.

More about those squats from the office chair and taking the stairs instead of the elevator: Even though that should not count as your workout for the day, it’s still very important to include little things like that, because we simply need to move more.

If you do a hard 45-minute workout, but then you move nothing but your thumbs the rest of the day, then you’re not keeping your body as fit and active as you should. So make exercise a priority, but also try to move a little more and sit a little less any way you can. Not necessarily for weight loss, just to keep your body young.

Don’t Look for Shortcuts
There are no shortcuts to healthy and permanent weight loss. There may be supplements and fad diets that will get you short-term results, but those things typically are not healthy or sustainable for long periods of time.

Along with your goal weight, figure out your aspirations. Aspirations are the things you dream about doing when you are at your goal weight, or the kind of life you want to live five, 10 and 20 years from now.

If you aspire to retire and go on long hikes through the park, there are no three shakes a day, magic pill or single piece of exercise equipment that will do that for you. It means you have to start hiking today. Remember that wellness is a way and not a place; you don’t arrive at your goal weight and then give up on being healthy.

Don’t Make Weight Loss Harder than it Needs to Be
With all the information out there about weight loss, it’s easy to feel frustrated, confused or overwhelmed. But weight loss doesn’t need to be that hard. You don’t need to go hungry or exercise like an Olympic athlete. You just need to spend more time expending energy through exercise while eating a little cleaner.

Eating cleaner means fewer processed foods, fewer sweet treats and more fresh and clean food such as fruit, vegetables, lean protein and whole grains. We get a lot of information in the media about what NOT to do. But don’t focus on what not to do or eat, focus on what to do to take care of your body.

Exercise and eat clean because you love your body, not because you hate it!

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