ESCEO Recruits Substitute Teachers for Valley Schools

CANFIELD, Ohio – The Educational Service Center of Eastern Ohio is helping to fill the need for substitute teachers in the Mahoning Valley.

“The need is there,” said Sandy Furano, director of Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Governments and Career Counseling Services. “There are times during a day that we could have 100 teachers across our schools absent, and we need to get those filled so classes can continue going and we can have that support for students in our school districts.”

Furano said the need has been increasing over the years.

“Ever since COVID, the need for subs has really increased,” she said. “If you want to be a sub and make this a full-time position, you can definitely do that subbing through us.”

To help attract substitute teachers, the ESCEO hosted a recruitment event Friday, and there was a steady stream of interested applicants.

Locals of varying ages apply for these positions. Furano said there are substitute teachers fresh out of college and some in their 80s and 90s. 

Applicants are required to have at least an associates degree in any field. They are also required to clear Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation and FBI background checks and undergo drug screening. They also have to submit requests for their substitute teaching licenses.

“Once you have completed all of our requirements, we have you come in here for a substitute teacher orientation that kind of helps take the edge off for individuals that may have never been in a classroom,” Furano said. 

The orientation includes training, more information and setting up “Frontline” accounts so they can begin accepting job assignments. 

Furano said one benefit to being a substitute teacher is the ability to create your own schedule. 

“Subbing can be worked around your personal schedule,” she said. “You can sub part time, one day a week, full time – it’s totally what your personal schedule allows.”

Substitute teacher licenses are $25 per year. One-year and five-year options are available. 

“We pay $120 per day,” Furano said. “It doesn’t matter what school building they go to or school district in the 10 school districts that we provide subs for.”

The 10 school districts and educational organizations include Austintown, Boardman, Campbell, Canfield, ESCEO, Lowellville, Mahoning County Career & Technical Center, Mahoning County Board of Developmental Disabilities, Poland and Struthers. 

A table at the Educational Service Center of Eastern Ohio’s substitute teacher recruitment event.

There are opportunities for preschool through all grades, Furano said.

Furano said substitute teaching is also a great opportunity for those looking to get their foot in the door and teach full time at a specific school district.

“You’re seen everyday,” she said. “You get to show your capabilities [and] your qualifications. A lot of time in a school district, if they’re looking for a position, they’re going to come to a sub that has done a really good job instead of a resume sitting on a desk.”

Additional recruitment events will be held in August and September.

For more information, call Furano at 330 533 8755 or visit the ESCEO’s website.

Pictured at top: Sandy Furano, director of Mahoning Valley Regional Council of Governments and Career Counseling Services.

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