Evolution of Guitar Exhibit at Butler Opens Jan. 22

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – The development of the guitar, born in the Middle Ages and the most popular musical instrument played today, will be celebrated at the Butler Institute of American Art beginning Jan. 22 with a live performance, Louis Zona announced Wednesday.

Zona is executive director of The Butler.

The touring exhibit, “Medieval to Metal: The Art and Evolution of the Guitar,” runs through April 16 and will feature 40 guitars that range from an intricately inlaid Moorish oud and six-foot-long Renaissance theorbo and the modern Italian design of the Eko brand guitars and transparent acrylic bodies of B.C. Rich guitars.

The two-hour reception Sun., Jan. 22 begins at 1 p.m. and is free and open to the public. Local guitarist Steve Vuich will illustrate how to play the instrument and answer visitors’ questions.

The guitar has been the subject of many still-lifes, Zona notes. Masters such as Jan Vermeer and Pablo Picasso have included depictions in their works.

In the exhibit at The Butler, life-sized photorealistic illustrations of important guitar designs during the last 600 years will be shown as will photographs of 20 well-known and acclaimed guitarists taken by Neil Ziozower, a leading photographer of rock concerts.

Photo Courtesy of The National Guitar Museum.

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