Great Co-Workers: Jill Palumbo

Jill Palumbo
COO, Roemer Industries, Masury

A leader is someone who inspires and influences others to be their best self.

Jill is truly a great leader. Her positive attitude and quick thinking are what make her flourish in her role as the chief operations officer at Roemer Industries. She is highly intelligent, detail oriented and does not hesitate to make split decisions for the benefit of the company.

What makes Jill stand out from others in her position is her bright and positive attitude and ability to keep a level head through stressful situations.

Jill is a valuable asset to the team and is always willing to share knowledge and expertise. She not only helps keep our production staff running but assists her colleagues when they come to her door for help. Her kind nature extends beyond the workplace as she is a great support system for her family and friends

Jill has a deep understanding of the manufacturing industry, and her engineering background makes her shine as a highly experienced professional. 

Nominated by Alyssa Pawluk

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.