HD Davis Launches Healthy Living Pilot with YoFresh

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Staff at HD Davis CPAs are staying well fed during the busy 2022 tax season.

The Healthy Living pilot program with YoFresh Food gives the staff of the accounting firm a choice of up to three meals paid for by the firm each week, according to a press release. Staff can purchase additional meals for the week as well.

The family-owned YoFresh is run by Chef Don and Caroline Ritenour from Canfield. The goal is to provide fresh, quality food to the Mahoning Valley, the Ritenours say.

“We are so thrilled to pilot this employee wellness initiative with HD Davis,” said Caroline Ritenour, chief operating officer of YoFresh. “I just love that there are companies in the Valley who are putting their staff’s wellness at the forefront; especially during demanding work times when it can be challenging to have great self-care.”

Meals include a meat, starch and vegetable. YoFresh also partners with local businesses to provide additional items to the menu such as avocado puddings from PlantLove and protein bars from NASH. All meals are scanned into the MyFitnessPal app so customers can keep track of their nutrition throughout the day.

“Being able to incorporate a convenient solution for the staff where their lunches are already at the office when they walk in the door on Monday morning is awesome,” added Don Ritenour. “We are super excited to provide a fresh and local choice for a local tax firm in their busiest season of the year.”

For every 10 meals purchased through YoFresh, the company donates 12 meals to Second Harvest Food Bank. “This is such a great way for local businesses to work together, and also do good in the Valley,” Caroline Ritenour said.

In addition to partnering with YoFresh, HD Davis offers employees an annual $500 healthy lifestyle reimbursement, which can go toward a gym membership, home gym equipment, nutritional items or extending their YoFresh meals throughout the year, according to the release. Employees also have the option to work a flex schedule.

“At HD, we believe that a home-work life balance is key to being successful,” said Tim Petrey, managing member of HD Davis. “You have the ability to work the times and days that fit the best needs for your lifestyle.”

Employees also have the choice to work remotely when they like. HD Davis provides equipment that allows for a home-based work setup, according to the release. Other benefits include paid parental leave, medical coverage, IRA matching, branded apparel allowance and Sam’s Club memberships, as well as paid time off.

Pictured: Caroline and Chef Don Ritenour of YoFresh Food.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.