How Do You Retain Talent? | The C-Level Strategy Series with Jon Arnold | Segment 1

Welcome to the C-Level Strategy Series with Jon Arnold.

In this multi-part series, Jon Arnold, President of Investment Services at J. Arnold Wealth Management, talks with area business leaders about the issues businesses face every day.

On the panel are:
Guy Coviello, President and CEO of the Youngstown/Warren Regional Chamber
Barb Ewing, CEO of the Youngstown Business Incubator
Bob Mesaros, President and CEO of Commercial Metal Forming
Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Company.

In this video, the first of nine, the panel discusses different strategies for retaining talent.

Creating a culture “where they want to be there, they enjoy each other,” is one strategy says the Chamber’s Coviello.

When it comes to helping Chamber members retain their talent, Coviello advises “getting them into situations where they don’t have the home distractions or the financial distractions. Financial literacy, or illiteracy I should say, is a real detriment to retaining an employee.”

Echoing those sentiments, the YBI’s Ewing says employers need to be cognizant of how an employee’s personal life may be affecting their job performance.

“We have to respect those challenges and all those issues that come up and allow the people to have the space that they need in order to address that while still doing their job,” she says.

Doing so is in the employers best interest says Mesaros.

“A bad hire is costly.”

As such, he says employers need to remember that younger employees often come to the workplace with very different experiences than previous generations.

“Trying to be aware of the generational changes instead of imposing what I went through and saying, ‘this is what you have to do.’ Being aware that you have a different audience.”

Future episodes will cover more topics or you can view the discussion in its entirety here.

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