Howland Community Scholarships Foundation Surpasses $1M Mark

WARREN, OhioHowland Community Scholarships Foundation reached a milestone this year, surpassing the $1 million mark, the organization announced.  

Donations have totaled nearly $1,037,000 since the Foundation was established during the fall of 2006, thanks to the generosity of the Howland Schools community. The achievement assures that Howland High School graduating seniors will continue to receive scholarships for many years to come.

“Year after year, we are humbled and amazed by the generosity of the Howland community,” said Foundation President Andy Bednar.  “This Foundation facilitates an enduring connection between our graduating seniors and the community, demonstrating Howland’s support of its students and the acknowledgement of all their incredible accomplishments.”

The goal of the Foundation was to raise $50,000 during its first year – a mark that was surpassed in less than six months as donations totaled approximately $115,000. 

To date, 761 scholarships totaling $719,250 have been awarded to Howland’s graduating seniors.  

Howland Community Scholarships Foundation hosted its 16th Annual Recognition Breakfast at Leo’s Ristorante April 21, awarding 52 scholarships. 

Though scholarships were still awarded to students in 2020 and 2021, the Recognition Breakfast was not held due to COVID restrictions.

The Howland Community Scholarships Foundation awards scholarships to Howland High School’s graduating seniors annually through direct donations and the proceeds of the Howland Community Scholarships Foundation.

Pictured at top: Row 1 left to right: Samuel Mastorides, Colin Snelson, George Beck, Rian Spangler, Nicholas Durig, Joseph Goldberg, Anthony Massucci, Evan McClain, Gage Gibson, Matthew Woomer. Row 2 left to right: Kylie McClain, Lauren Roberts, Abygail Deemer, Lukea Pitinii, Jennifer Sindledecker, Alena Lerakis, Isabella Gentile, Jamie DeSalvo, Kyah Barrish, Alyssa Henry, Gillian McMurray. Row 3 left to right: Ava Snitzer, Alessandra Flevares, Mackenzie Burkey, Bailey Ulrich, Giavona DelBono, Rachel Delida, Isabella Mijavec, Paige Nguyen, Alyssa Clapp. Row 4 left to right: Ah’Leeyah Boone, Andrea Reilly, Aftyn Bugos, Kalliopi Gentis, Reese Tomko, Ashleigh Macias, Kady McClain, Maria Glaros, Kaitlyn Miller. Row 5 left to right: Adam Siegfried, Bryce Lesh, Gannon Coleman, Josh Berena, Max Moriarty, Xiaoyu Kirin, Grant Brown, Cameron Miles, Grant Myers, Braden Gebhardt.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.