JuggerBot 3D to Unveil New ‘Tradesman Series’

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Alex Benyo has a great deal of experience building successful manufacturing companies. The Brilex Group of Companies, co-owned by Benyo and his brother, Brian, has become one of Youngstown’s fastest- growing manufacturing companies.

With thriving businesses that specialize in heavy machining and fabrication, welding, and the innovative design and build of OEM industrial equipment, Benyo has an eye for manufacturing technologies that work. Recently, he decided to include additive manufacturing to that list of technologies by backing JuggerBot 3D.

“I am excited about the technology JuggerBot is bringing to the additive market and am blessed to be able to provide a helping hand to this Youngstown gem,” says Benyo.

JuggerBot 3D, a portfolio company of the Youngstown Business Incubator, began in 2014 by providing engineering and consulting services to manufacturers, and released a line of industrial-grade 3D printers in 2018. This spring the company plans to launch a new line of printers – the first model in its Tradesman Series, which was built as a complement for machine tools used to produce patterns, molds and dies.

“In many ways, our machines can be used where other additive technologies fail to produce parts that either support or work in tandem with CNC machining,” says Dan Fernback, co-founder.

JuggerBot’s new printer can build parts up to three feet in width, four feet in length and four feet in height, and is capable of processing performance thermoplastics in pellet form. By doing so, manufacturers can now consider an enormous number of materials currently unavailable for additive manufacturing applications.

The company has already received two orders, Fernback says.

He and co-founder Zac DiVencenzo believe that pellet-extrusion technology is key in advancing additive manufacturing’s value. “With more companies looking at additive to solve their problems, we are excited to help them tap into new materials that are the best fit for 3D printing and their needs,” DiVencenzo says.

JuggerBot’s machines are material agnostic, meaning they’re capable of processing various types of thermoplastics from different suppliers. The company believes that it’s essential to work closely with other components of the supply chain.

“By aligning with material companies, we are better positioned to respond to our customers’ needs and provide them with the best solution for their application,” says Fernback. “We can focus on being experts with the machines and process, and tap into our partners for material expertise.”

In 2019, JuggerBot 3D doubled its space at YBI and added two engineers. Headcount stands at five.

Additionally, the company worked with Dutch multinational material company Royal DSM, as well as the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

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