TSI Customizes Solutions Based on Needs

Tele-Solutions Inc., which operates as TSI, has achieved success in the business telephone industry since 1985.

What is the key to sustaining your company’s success?

Jason Wurst, vice president of TSI.: Simply put, we’ve been able to adapt to the ever-changing needs of our clients.

Technology is constantly changing how our customers communicate with their customers. We’ve been able to change what and how we deliver services to our clients to best serve their business. We guide our clients through the tricky transition into newer technologies by customizing solutions based on their individual needs.

You mentioned that the industry is always changing. What kind of changes are you seeing today?

Wurst: The need for IT support is growing exponentially. Most of our clients rely heavily on their data network, but don’t have the know-how to support them. Many of them are also unable to afford the costs associated with hiring a full-time IT manager.

Business owners can address all of these concerns by outsourcing these functions to us at a fraction of the cost of handling them internally.

We’re also seeing more and more businesses start to recognize the importance of network security. The dangers lurking in cyberspace are a constant threat to business.

We have the technical expertise and a suite of products that enables TSI to aid our clients in protecting their most valuable assets from cybercriminals.

From full disaster recovery planning down to desktop antivirus software, we can help small businesses deploy the tools and technology they need to keep them safe.

We have also seen recently a huge push to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and cloud-based voice services and applications. These technologies allow for huge advancements in the way our customers communicate with the world and with each other.

What effect has new technology had on TSI?

Wurst: Historically, Tele-Solutions Inc. has been considered just a business telephone company, and, of course, we continue to serve our voice clients by providing the newest technology in business telephone applications available today. However, over the last few years TSI has become more of a fully rounded technology company. We are what I like to call a “blacktop to desktop” provider.

We work with carriers for both voice and internet services. We provide installation of structured cabling for fiber, data and voice.

Our team of IT professionals assists clients with their network infrastructure, installation and maintenance of firewalls, switches, routers, servers, antivirus, data backup and a wide variety of other network needs.

Additionally, our IT Help Desk provides support to our clients at the desktop level.

What does this mean for your customers?

Wurst: What our clients like most is the convenience of a single- source provider. They make one call for any of their communications needs.

Whether they are having issues with their voice communications, their carrier services (voice and internet), or an issue with their data network, TSI has the ability to address anything that comes up.

So many times in today’s business world, organizations find themselves in the middle of a finger-pointing contest with different providers. We eliminate that struggle by bringing all parties under one roof.

How do you identify what services a customer needs?

Wurst: We know that not every new technology is right for every client.

We’re now focusing on complete network assessments of every client to see where help is needed and to provide solutions.

We look at the full picture of the customer’s infrastructure and map out where we can effectively improve their business processes. We evaluate everything from voice communications to IT infrastructure in order to identify the best fit.

What’s next for TSI?

Wurst: I’m really excited about where we’re headed. TSI is very well positioned as both a voice and data vendor.

With the introduction of VoIP, we were able to transition into where we are today. My goal now is to make sure our clients, both new and existing, really understand all the things that we can do for them. We are no longer just a telephone company. We’ve become so much more.

As technology continues to rapidly evolve, we are excited to be a company that evolves right along with it. We are always adding new products, new services, solutions and staff to keep up with our clients’ needs. I really want to make sure that they are aware of all the different ways we can make them more successful.

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