Keystar Insurance Takes Education Online

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Keystar Insurance has focused on educating clients since it was founded in 2007, says President Bonita Starkey. In 2020 that mission will lead the company to launch financial literacy classes.

“Our programs provide solid insight and excellent resources to work for the client no matter where they’re beginning the journey,” she says. “Keystar Insurance offers personalized strategies that zero in on specific areas of need then concentrates on building solutions.”

The agency has also developed launched the Amplified Insurance IQ workshop and Financial Freedom GPS strategy to help clients “become self-bankers,” Starkey says.

“It transforms financial structures to build up savings, create passive income, reduce taxes, and cancel interest payments,” she explains. “This way, a 30-year plan can be converted into a five-year one.”

All of Keystar’s programs are available online, allowing clients to learn wherever they are. 

“To keep up with the trends we make it possible to do everything online. We’ve also put together a team of copywriters, graphic artists, and software engineers to ensure that we continue to educate customers online,” she says.

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