Leadership, Mission, Remote Work at White Glove Payroll

Submitted by Marcy Angelo, Director of Operations
White Glove Payroll
125 Churchill Hubbard Road., Youngstown, Ohio 44505

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – White Glove Payroll has worked exceedingly hard to become a great place to work and beyond by putting many opportunities into action. The first opportunity each employee has is the option for flexibility. 

All of the White Glove Payroll employees are remote, working from home or any location they choose. In the case of our director of operations, Marcy Angelo, the world is truly her office. Under White Glove Payroll, Marcy has been able to work while also visiting more than 17 states in the past two years. 

Pictured: Ashley Brindle, payroll concierge; Andrea Colaluca, implementation payroll specialist; and Marcy Angelo, director of operations.

Our flexibility also extends to our hours, allowing our employees to create a schedule that works best for them. This works well for our stay-at-home parents, allowing them the space to be there for their family before anything else. We have several parents on our staff that are able to carry the work-life integration so they can support both their home and work life without feeling overwhelmed.

White Glove is also dedicated to what we call the “Three T’s”: timeliness, trust, and transparency. Under timeliness, you can expect questions to be answered or communication to be given in a time frame that is appropriate. Trust can be seen in the flexibility; we trust our employees to do their jobs rather than be micromanaged every step of the way. Lastly is transparency. Our feedback, decisions as a company, and more, are all honest and transparent with our employees as well as our clients.

We are also a sister company of HD Davis CPAs which means we partner on many benefits including $200 towards White Glove branded clothing, $500 reimbursement towards healthy lifestyle purchases such as fitness equipment, gym memberships, nutritional meal subscriptions, and more. Our employees are also offered a Sam’s Club membership every year for free.

Finally, as a sister company of HD Davis CPAs, we also have a strong mindset to help both our clients and community. White Glove Payroll was able to find more than $12 Million in ERTC money for our local businesses. We also work with HD Davis to raise money for the HD Change Campaign each year and volunteer our time to local organizations. 

The community mindset extends beyond just the HD Change Campaign, however, allowing our employees to pursue their own non-profit passions. Employees are given flexibility and encouragement to use time towards volunteerism and other similar activities for the community. Some of our employees are given the opportunity to volunteer at their kid’s schools while others have created their own non-profits.

Overall, White Glove Payroll is dedicated to being a Great Place to Work. Between the flexibility, benefits, compassion, and community-minded team, we think that is easy to see.

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