Millwood Acquires CORE Erosion Control Services

VIENNA, OhioMillwood, Inc. finalized the purchase of CORE Erosion Control Services this past fall. With it comes a new product brand and Millwood’s 30th location nationwide.

“We are excited to announce this acquisition,” says Lionel Trebilcock, regional whitewood manager. “With this purchase, Millwood will be able to add even more to its tool box when it comes to erosion control.”

CORE Erosion Control Services, based out of Sewell, N.J., is a leading supplier of erosion and sediment control products and services such as compost filter socks, best management practice installation, and seeding and storm water pollution prevention plans.

All CORE products and services are now a Millwood product brand and managed by CORE product specialists and sales managers in Vienna and Sewell, where the erosion and sediment control products are manufactured. 

The additional location allows Millwood to reach even more prospects in various industries, Trebilcock says. 

“This industry is booming and one we are confident we can be successful in,” Trebilcock says. “We are already certified with the U.S. Composting Council in Vienna and PennState Extension in New Jersey. It just makes sense to add the expertise and services.”

The certifications mean that the mulched wood chips used for the compost filter socks are tested and meet certain U.S. Environmental Protection Agency and U.S. Department of Transportation standards and requirements and will allow Millwood to bid on various state jobs across the U.S.

Along with acquiring CORE’s customers, products and services and manufacturing facility, we are pleased to welcome Chris Sztenderowicz, who will be working alongside Trebilcock as the sales director of the CORE team and product brand.

Sztenderowicz, former CORE president and sales leader, comes to Millwood with 10 years of industry experience and will manage a team of eight. He said the acquisition is a good fit for both parties.

John Cervo, regional installation manager, is also working hand-in-hand with Sztenderowicz and Trebilcock. Cervo is another previous CORE team member who has transitioned into the Millwood family and will be responsible for installation and bidding on CORE-related projects.

Joe Todaro, CORE regional sales manager, and Cheryl Fink, supply and logistics manager, also specialize in the CORE products and services and work out of the Vienna location.

 “We’ve already secured some solid accounts and are excited for this expansion so we can do even more for our customers,” Todaro said. “It will open up numerous opportunities for the company moving forward.”

Millwood, established in 1997, employs 1,700 across 30 locations in the United States.  The company provides unit load and packaging systems, materials and services, and supplies new, used and reconditioned pallets.

“We are working diligently with our marketing team to make the transition as smooth as possible. It’s been a lot of work but also a rewarding process,” Trebilcock said. “This acquisition has allowed us to expand our business in the erosion and sediment control industry.”

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