Mutual of America Honors Keystone Blind’s Work Program

HERMITAGE, Pa. – Keystone Blind Association has been named an honorable mention award recipient in Mutual of America’s 2020 Community Partnership Award contest.

Founded in 2002, Keystone Independence Management works with Keystone Blind Association to provide management and back-office services to nonprofits, employing those with vision loss or other disabilities.

The program also seeks federal and state contracts and other work that can be done by those participating. Employees earn market wages and benefits in a fully integrated environment.

“Our group of agencies has learned how to effectively collaborate with each other and with community partners, leveraging our respective strengths to serve the greater good. We are proud of how our entrepreneurial approach has enabled us to further social change in a financially sustainable way,” said Laurie Staph, president and CEO of Keystone Blind Association, in a statement. 

“Keystone Independence Management is honored that Mutual of America sees the benefit that our Human Services and Employment Capacity Building program provides to individuals who are blind, visually impaired or otherwise disabled across the state of Pennsylvania,” she continued.

The Mutual of America Community Partnership Award honors nonprofits that work with public, private and social services. Since 1996, the award has recognized 245 partnerships nationwide.

Published by The Business Journal, Youngstown, Ohio.