Myrddin Winery

LAKE MILTON, Ohio — Myrddin Winery, originally named after Merlyn, a god in Welsh mythology, offers a span of tastes, sights and sounds. Overlooking Lake Milton State Park, this winery offers scenery along with a history.

“The land was originally owned by my mother-in-law, and she named the property,” said owner Evelyn Sperry.

Wines range from dry to sweet and “we have great sangrias,” Sperry said. Live music, murder mysteries, four- and five-course dinners and hotdogs and hamburgers during the summer are what visitors can expect from this full-service winery.

Labor Day through Memorial Day brings special soups with Myrddin’s specialty soup being potato and cream cheese. Sandwiches and soups are all made in house, adding to the warm and homemade feel of the winery.

Sperry credits other wineries in the area for making her welcome to the industry. “Everybody has a good relationship with each other I think. That’s why we got into the wine business in the first place. Everybody in the wine business is great and so are the people who come to the wineries. Every winery has their own personality, does things a little differently and it’s just fun,” Sperry said.


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