Ohio Dems Decry House Committees’ Rush Job

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The four Democrats who represent Ohio in the House of Representatives today joined together to voice their opposition to the current Republican health care proposal.

In a joint statement, Reps. Tim Ryan, D-13, Marcy Kaptur, D-9, Marcia L. Fudge ,D-11, and Joyce Beatty, D-3,  said Republican-led committees in the House began moving their health-care proposals “without proper transparency or in a process that respects the voices and input of the American people. The American Nurses Association, American Medical Association, AARP and many other hospital and health care associations oppose the bill,” they said.

Here are individual statements they released:

“Republicans jammed this bill through multiple committees in just two days, giving the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office no time to report on this bill’s devastating effects on coverage and cost. … This dangerous, misguided bill will mean less coverage, fewer protections, and higher costs,” said Ryan.

“In the dead of night, knowing most Americans were sound asleep and couldn’t listen, the Republicans began pushing this harmful and reckless health insurance‎ bill through House committees,” said Kaptur. “This proposal rewards the rich and health care executives while denying care to hardworking Americans. The Republican plan does nothing to control the cost of medicine and imposes far higher premium rates on people who live paycheck to paycheck.”

“Every American deserves quality, affordable health care, but what the Republicans have put forth drastically limits access. Their plan is an insult to the people of this country. It will endanger the health of generations to come,” said Fudge.

“Republicans have had seven years to develop their own comprehensive health-care plan. Yet, they have failed to deliver a workable plan –even conceding that their new bill is a ‘work in progress.’ That being said, it is painfully obvious that ‘Republicancare’ is going to be a prescription for disaster for our seniors, women, people with disabilities, the sick and countless working families,” said Beatty.

The Democrats also listed what they termed as facts about the Affordable Care Act in Ohio:

  • According to the House Energy and House Oversight Committees, 866,000 individuals in Ohio have gained coverage since the ACA was implemented and could lose their coverage if the ACA is entirely or partially repealed.
  • 212,046 individuals purchased high-quality Marketplace coverage now stand to lose their coverage if the Republican Congress dismantles the exchanges.
  • 174,448 individuals received financial assistance to purchase Marketplace coverage in 2016, averaging $250 per individual, and are at risk of having coverage become unaffordable if the Republican Congress eliminates the premium tax credits.
  • 665,900 individuals enrolled in Medicaid under the ACA’s Medicaid expansion and could now stand to lose coverage if the Republican Congress eliminates the Medicaid expansion.
    119,000 kids have gained coverage since the ACA was implemented.
  • 81,000 young adults were able to stay on a parent’s health insurance plan thanks to the ACA. They now stand to lose coverage if the Republican Congress eliminates the requirement that insurers allow children to stay on their parents’ plans until age 26.

SOURCE: Office of U.S. Rep. Tim Ryan.

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