On Demand Staffing Services Offers Prizes to Get Back to Work

BOARDMAN, Ohio — Pat Dye is one of 24 employees as of June 2 who will take advantage of the incentives for people to get back to work, thanks in part to On Demand Staffing Services.

The Boardman- and Austintown-based company offered an Apple Watch Series 6, 60- to 70-inch Vizio smart TV or iPhone 12 to new employees who are in good standing with a company after 100 days. Dye will pick an iPhone 12.

Dye, who is in the midst of his 100 days, started working for On Demand’s construction team — enjoying the company’s culture, support and development.

“I’m anxious to get started and earn a good pay,” he says. “My phone now is in need of an upgrade.”

Pat Dye started with the On Demand construction team and is looking forward to receiving his iPhone 12 after he completes 100 days.

The incentives are paid from the company’s marketing budget, a move needed to support employers in the manufacturing, hospitality and medical sectors, says Tara Evans, chief operating officer of On Demand Staffing Services. An extra $300 per week of federal unemployment benefits in Ohio ends on June 26, so these On Demand incentives try to lure potential employees to come back to work and boost the workforce.

“We’re trying to show them it pays to actually work because there’s opportunities within organizations right now where they can grow, step up and financially start in a position and get trained,” she says. “These companies are willing to train right now and utilize our services.

“We are an extension of the company’s [human resource] department because we help with making sure they have everything that is required for them to work on the job.”

On Demand, which started its staffing service in 2019 and is an arm of On Demand Occupational Medicine, does not charge any prospective employee as long as they work out with the company for 30 days, Evans says. Background checks and drug tests are included.

Training is included in the Austintown office, located at 5760 Patriot Blvd., with an essential function room that tests employees to lift 50 pounds to prepare a person for a shift from hospitality to manufacturing and much more. There’s certification programs available as well.

“We have companies that work with us right now that say we will train,” Evans says. “We’ll teach them what they need to do and that gives them a starting point to where they can potentially grow with the company.”

This is an employee’s market, but it is an important time for businesses to be supported, she adds. On Demand is there to find the right people for their clients to employ.

“Let us go through the process of navigating and singling out people,” Evans says. “If they can rely on somebody like ourselves to help support them, it’s less time for them. Then, it’s more time they can invest in their business.”

Average pay in the Mahoning Valley is around $14 to 15 an hour, while it increases to $16 to $18 around Akron, Canton, Cleveland and Pittsburgh.

As for the On Demand incentives, they ran through June 6. In a promotion starting June 7, employees who stick with an employer for 100 days will receive $100, but that bonus will be contingent upon attendance.

As the extra $300 per week of unemployment ends, Evans thinks it’s important to contact On Demand.

“I would say within the next couple of weeks more people are going to want to flood into the workforce again,” she adds. “Strategically, companies have to stay ahead of the game and be creative as to how they can entice employees to come back.”

Pictured at top: On Demand Staffing Services’ chief operating officer Tara Evans helps employees and employers from her Boardman office.

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