Park Vista Launches TripleCare Telemedicine

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — Park Vista of Youngstown has launched TripleCare’s telemedicine service that enables delivery after hours of high-quality care to patients, the CEO of Park Vista, Brian Kolenich, announced Tuesday.

The customized services at Park Vista will be enhanced by the two-way video and digital diagnostic equipment, Kolenich said.

“TripleCare doctors provide patients with immediate onsite care without disruption, working closely with their existing nurses and doctors to deliver thorough and seamless treatment. Now, with simply the push of a button, our nursing team has a quality doctor on call after hours,” Kolenich said.

TripleCare co-founder Dr. David Chess will be at Park Vista Thursday to offer his thoughts on the program and educate local physicians, social workers and other health related professionals.

“We’ll help facilitate Park Vista Retirement Community’s mission to avoid re-hospitalization by bringing an 80% success rate that simultaneously reinforces care,” said Susan Riley, TripleCare CEO, in a prepared statement.

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