Register for Free Cybersecurity Webinar July 13

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Seven local experts on cybersecurity will tell how to avoid cyber breaches, ransomware attacks and costly shutdowns during a free webinar July 13 at noon presented by The Business Journal and sponsored by the Better Business Bureau of the Mahoning Valley.

Cybersecurity issues are in the spotlight because of the string of recent ransomware attacks that crippled a natural gas pipeline and the nation’s biggest meat producer. All companies, big and small, need to take protective measures – now! According to the FBI, more than 4,000 ransomware attacks occur every day – and nearly half of them, 43%, are aimed at small business. Breaches, ransomsware and shutdowns can do serious damage to your business and your customers.

The Cyber Summit, CLICK HERE to register, is a live, virtual event that will coincide with the launch of the cybersecurity feature in the MidJuly 2021 edition of The Business Journal.

Leading off the panel discussion will be Carol Potter, president and CEO of the BBB.Professionals in information technology, insurance and law will comprise the panel. In addition to Potter, the panelists are:

  • Mercy Komar, cyber risk manager, L. Calvin Jones
  • Ralph Blanco, CEO, ESMSI
  • Robert Merva, owner and CEO, Avrem Technologies
  • Steve Franckhauser, chief legal and privacy officer, Bertison-George LLC,
  • Craig Horbus, attorney, Brouse McDowell
  • Paul Hugenberg III, principal and director of cybersecurity services, Rea & Associates.

CLICK HERE to register for the Cyber Summit.

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