‘Rodina’ Beer on Tap at Simply Slavic Festival

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — This weekend’s eighth annual Simply Slavic festival on Federal Plaza East features a custom beer brewed for the occasion by Modern Methods Brewery in Warren. The festival begins tonight at 7 p.m. and the beer will be tapped one hour later.

The beer has been named Rodina, which is loosely defined as family and homeland.

“When our Slavic ancestors immigrated to America from Eastern Europe, they vowed to retain certain beliefs and cultural traditions. The core value was the significance of family; whether it was the family they left behind or the family they started here in Youngstown,” says John Slanina, festival organizer. “Our beer commemorates the enduring strength of this joyous belief in family — as strong today as it was for our ancestors.”

Rodina is a traditional Czech Amber Lager that showcases spicy Czech Saaz noble hops and Bohemian Pilsen and Caramel malt, according to Adam Keck, president of Modern Methods.

“Rodina glows in the glass with a vibrant amber color and features flowery hop aroma on the nose,” Keck says.

“The herbal, flowery hop flavor comes first, then hints of bread and then raisin from the Bohemian Caramel malt. Rodina does a delicate dance to balance these flavors and urge you to take another sip,” he explains.

Simply Slavic was created in 2011 to educate the region’s Slavic descendants and the community about Slavic heritage. It strives to fulfill this mission by featuring live Slavic music, folk dance performances, homemade food, children’s learning areas, educational exhibits and workshops, and ethnic vendors.

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