Sales Increase 15% at Micro Doctor

WARREN – As Microsoft ended support for two widely used products, Micro Doctor IT spent much of its time in 2019 making sure that clients’ systems were ready for life after Windows 7 and Server 2008. Support for the two programs ended Jan. 14, making systems that use them open to hacking and malware exploits.

“We spent much of the year identifying, analyzing and upgrading equipment for those clients, along with providing maintenance and repair duties under our MD-Care managed services offerings,” says founder and President Mark Richmond.

Micro Doctor also launched Security Shield, a protection plan in which a new antivirus program searches for ransomware attacks by actions, instead of definitions. 

“If a malware begins rapidly changing file names, it stops that action and creates an alert,” Richmond explains. “These implementations have pioneered a higher-level of security related protections to address cyber threats such as cryptolocker, spoofing and phishing attempts.”

The addition of the new services, as well as its national expansion with clients in Phoenix, Chicago and Florida, led to the hiring of Micro Doctor’s 17th employee. Sales were up 15% from 2018, totaling $2.37 million.

The coming year looks promising, Richmond says, as the economy continues to grow.

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