Seven Seventeen Credit Union Bets Cavs Will Win

WARREN, Ohio – Seven Seventeen Credit Union, the largest credit union in northeast Ohio, has accepted a “friendly wager” from San Francisco-based Patelco Credit Union over who will win the NBA Finals – the Cleveland Cavaliers or the Golden State Warriors.

It started as a simple bet, says Gary Soukenik, CEO of Seven Seventeen, in which the CEO supporting the losing team would have to wear the winning team’s jersey in a photo posted on Facebook. But the ante was upped, he continues, so that the Children’s Miracle Network affiliated hospitals in each community will benefit.

The credit union supporting the runner up in the NBA Finals will make a $500 donation to their rival’s home children’s hospital, Soukenik explains. And the supporter of the NBA champs will in turn make a $250 donation to the other community’s children’s hospital.

Akron Children’s Hospital Mahoning Valley will be the beneficiary on the Seven Seventeen side of the wager.

“Credit unions operate as financial cooperatives,” said Soukenik. “In that spirit, there is a lot of cooperation between and among credit unions. With northeast Ohio and the Bay Area both excited about a potential NBA championship, this was an opportunity to have a little fun while benefiting both communities. Confident in our Cavaliers, we’ve already sent Patelco’s CEO a Cavs jersey to wear after Lebron and company take it all.”

The wager and friendly banter has been taking place on the Facebook pages of the two credit unions through text and video posts.

Seven Seventeen Credit Union, established in 1957, is the third largest credit union in Ohio and operates ten offices.

Patelco Credit Union, established in 1936, ranks among the largest credit unions in California and the nation.

Pictured: Gary Soukenik, Seven Seventeen Credit Union president and CEO, accepts a NBA Finals video challenge from the CEO of Patelco Credit Union in San Francisco

SOURCE: Seven Seventeen Credit Union

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