Stambaugh Auditorium Receives $25K for Renovations

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – Stambaugh Auditorium has received a $25,000 grant from the Charles W. Darling Family Endowment for the restoration of the venue’s front staircase and façade.

The renovation project was announced last year and is expected to cost $5 million. Stambaugh Auditorium has launched a capital campaign to fund the renovations.

“We are grateful for the very generous support of the Charles W. Darling Family Endowment … and are honored to recognize the Charles W. Darling Family with the naming rights for one of the flag pedestals which will be located on the promenade,” said JoAnn Stock, the venue’s chief development officer, in a statement.

The donation is the first made by the endowment, administered by The Youngstown Foundation.

“It seemed fitting that the first distribution be in support of Mr. Darling two greatest passions: American music and America History,” said Jan Strasfeld, executive director of the foundation. “Funding for Stambaugh Auditorium’s renovations ensure that our community can continue to enjoy this magnificent concert hall.”

The renovations, which will take about eight months once started, will restore the building’s façade along Fifth Avenue and rebuild the front staircase and garden along Park Avenue.

Pictured: A rendering of the proposed renovations to Stambaugh Auditorium’s stairs and facade along Fifth Avenue.

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