Together in Transformation

2020 was stressful, overwhelming and unpredictable. For sure: Things haven’t been easy. Everyone and every organization has been affected by the coronavirus. 

We need GOOD NEWS and INSPIRATION — now more than ever!  And we want your organization to be among the 200-plus stories of strength, resilience, and survival that we share in Growth Report 2021.

Every new year, our Growth Report is the number one publication dedicated to the region’s growth and transformation. Growth Report 2021 comes at a time when we’ve been forced to do business differently – and learned that we’re STRONGER together in transformation.

Tell us about your transformation! Not only how you survived but also how you are moving forward, creating opportunities from challenges.

The information you provide will be published in Growth Report 2021. There is no charge to submit story information.

The story submission deadline is Jan. 20, 2021. Send to

Here is the type of information we would like to receive, focusing on the positive.


Tell us your company’s accomplishments, innovations, recognitions. What was your greatest source of pride in 2020?


What is the 2021 outlook for your company? What investments are you planning to make? Adding employees? Office, plant expansions?


Please share an anecdote or example of an outstanding employee or employees who went above and beyond to serve your organization and our community. Feel free to include quotes from supervisors or employees.

Regarding the pandemic, you may want to answer these questions:

  • How did your organization deal with the pandemic? Did you maintain operations at pre-virus levels? If not, how did you adapt, cut back, innovate and move forward? What’s the prognosis going forward?
  • Did your organization and/or its employees actively participate in COVID-19 relief efforts? If so, how?
  • What business lessons did you learn that will have lasting impact on your organization?


  • Year organization founded, number of employees, general description of products/service information.
  • The name and title of the person to whom the company information should be attributed must be included as well as the full company name and address, telephone and email of the person submitting report.


  • All reports must be sent to
    We cannot guarantee placement if reports are sent to other email addresses.
  • Submit no more than 600 words.
  • Copy slanted toward advertising will be deleted.
  • Reports are subject to standard news editing, available space and date of submission.
  • Photographs will not be accepted for publication.


Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021

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