TEDxYoungstown – Catherine Bosley

Catherine Bosley will be speaking at TEDxYoungstown on Saturday, Sept. 22 at the DeYor Performing Arts Center to share her personal experience about the dangers of the digital age and to enlighten the audience on ways in which to survive and prevent cyber humiliation.

Bosley, a journalist, and resident of Youngstown, Ohio, experienced firsthand the effects of cyberbullying along with the consequences and events that followed. One event followed her months later and went viral, affecting her career and personal life. She believes that her TEDxYoungstown talk will give the audience knowledge and confidence in facing these types of situations.

“If I could survive this, I really believe that my story could help others understand how they could survive as well,” said Bosley in her TEDxYoungstown interview with The Business Journal.

Bosley’s personal story about her experience with cyber humiliation and destruction reached the desks of Good Morning America, Inside Edition and The Oprah Winfrey Show. It gained such a global presence, Bosley did not know how she could recover from such a personal, humiliating attack, she said. Her TEDxYoungstown talk will explore different avenues and preventive ways to help the audience not to go through a similar event in their lives. Bosley wants it known that everyone has a choice and is not immune to this type of scrutiny; that it can happen to anyone.

In Bosley’s eyes, everyone has a story to tell that is of value. In this case, her story is one of caution about the digital world we live in today. Being a victim of global cyberbullying, Bosley’s hopes her insight will spark realization among her audience about the true dangers of social media and how it can humiliate someone at the click of a button, she said.

Bosley, an advocate for inspirational talks, also hopes that her TEDxYoungstown presentation will send her message out in a positive light, she said. She’ll present tools the audience can use to live and survive in this “dangerous digital world,” she said, and to avoid seemingly harmless situations that can turn critical and sometimes deadly.

It is important to be aware of the pictures that you take and the posts that you make in order to survive this media-crazed world, she advises. Everything is out there for the world to see. Bosley said her insight can help ensure listeners stay safe digitally while promoting the importance of standing up for yourself.

For more information about Catherine Bosley and what she stands for, visit her website at www.catherinebosley.com.

Catherine Bosley is an award-winning TV journalist, business owner and adjunct professor. She worked as an anchor and reporter for several years in cities of all sizes, most recently in her native Cleveland, Ohio. Her storytelling earned her Associated Press awards and Emmy award nominations as an anchor and reporter, but most importantly, it’s her passion. She believes everyone has a story that counts – that can make a difference for others. That includes her own story of enduring and surviving humiliation on a global level, which is why she established her own business, putting her skills and experience to work as a speaker and consultant to caution and inspire others. Look for her forthcoming book as well, “The Bare Facts.”

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