TEDxYoungstown – Jaietta Jackson

Jaietta Jackson will be speaking at TEDxYoungstown on Sept. 22 at DeYor Performing Arts Center to show the audience how they can capture their family history and maintain those memories forever.

Jackson is a communications expert and teacher at Youngstown State University. Her passions include acting, dancing and interacting with people. She was an engineer but realized she had a passion for interacting and speaking in front of people.

“When I’m in front of my audience, whether it’s acting, speaking or dancing, just the energy I can give off to the audience and the energy I receive back from them is what really drives me and makes me really excited,” Jackson said.

Jackson has always been interested in TEDx and even uses them in her classroom. Her topic at her own TEDxYoungstown presentation will encompass family members recording and writing down their family history in order to preserve their memories and qualities of passed elders. Jackson said that the world has written its history and it’s time to report yours.

An example Jackson gives from our digital age involves how the use of certain social media mediums disappear. MySpace is one example of these unused mediums today.

Her question to the audience asks what happens to the memories posted on these sites and if they are gone forever. Jackson is going to tell the audience at TEDxYoungstown about how important it is to archive the family connection through poems, songs and stories.

Jackson says that she hopes the audience can relate to her own family stories that she will talk about at TEDxYoungstown and that they start to think about their own family history in a new light to spread generation to generation.

How do you remember the past? Pictures are eventually deleted, long gone are the days of photo albums and written letters, memories face and people pass away with their stories. As an Interpersonal Communication specialist, Jaietta Jackson understands the need for connection and the importance of maintaining that connection. Through her journey, Jaietta can broaden one’s knowledge about the importance of writing down family history, collecting, printing and saving family pictures. When memories fade and your loved ones are gone, you will have written family journals to remind you and future generations of the rich history your family embodies.

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