The 3D Printing Industrial Revolution

Manufacturing is a crucial part of our economy and society. Strong manufacturing leads to more research and development, innovation, productivity and jobs.

“In the United States, manufacturing helps raise the living standards more than any other sector,” says Dan Fernback, co-founder of JuggerBot 3D.

For years, tradesmen have relied on subtractive manufacturing – the process of building parts from removing material from a stock piece – to produce the parts that keep their plants running, Fernback says. However, additive manufacturing process are starting to play a larger role in the global manufacturing landscape.

While it seems relatively new, additive manufacturing can trace its roots back to 1971. The first breakthrough 3D printing application came around in 1999, when Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine successfully used 3D printing to print synthetic scaffolds for a human bladder.

What does 3D printing mean for the future of manufacturing? Watch this first installment of Tricks of the Tradesman to learn more.

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