The Sports Enterprise: More Than the Final Score

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio – “There may be people who have more talent than you, but there’s no excuse for anyone to work harder than you do.”

Major League Baseball Hall of Famer Derek Jeter aptly put the passion, execution and determination that is how and why teams and athletes achieve greatness.

The Business Journal is launching The Sports Enterprise, a new brand that emphasizes the sports community, economy and quality of life here in the Mahoning Valley. 

Starting in March, veteran sports reporters John Vargo and Dan Hiner will bring the in-depth reporting readers have come to expect from The Business Journal. Vargo is a six-time Associated Press Media Editors award winner, while the Youngstown-born Hiner is a savvy multimedia journalist. Both have a flair for bringing area sports out of the mire of basic, blasé coverage. 

The Sports Enterprise will provide video and podcasts as the brand expands. 

From high school and college teams to the Scrappers and the Phantoms, The Business Journal will publish feature-length articles and quick-hit stories online two to three times a week and in print. We’ll cover everything from why a village like McDonald financially and emotionally supports its athletic programs to how a resilient Mahoning Valley Scrappers team is preparing for a new chapter in it’s minor league history. 

The Sports Enterprise takes you beyond the headlines and behind the scenes of sports in our area.

“We won’t be chasing down the scores every Friday night,” says Jeff Leo Herrmann, CEO of the Youngstown Publishing Co. “Instead, we’ll dig into the business and culture of sports in our region, and how it challenges players – young and old – to compete and succeed.” 

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