Tips to Enjoy a Bogey-Free Google AdWords Campaign

Golf season is in full swing and if you’re like me, you’ll take every opportunity to hit the links. The element of golf I enjoy the most is that it is one of the only sports where you are in sole control of how you perform. There are no teammates, opponents, coaches, referees or umpires interfering with your play. It’s just you to blame, congratulate or make adjustments with every shot.

This sense of accountability and control is also why I am fond of companies using Google Pay-Per-Click, or Google AdWord, in a marketing plan. If you heard that Google AdWords doesn’t work because it’s too expensive or hard to understand, it’s likely that whoever told you that failed to have a plan that embraced four elements.

Get Off the Tee with Landing Pages

In golf, if you can’t get off the tee with your first shot, you’re going to have a tough round. With Google AdWords, this means properly using landing pages for your campaigns. Your AdWords ads should link to a landing page, not your homepage.

A landing page has the relevant information your ad promotes and a way to capture leads that come off of the bids you make. There are ways to properly create a landing page that have been proven to double or triple your conversion rates, according to Google.

Choosing the Right Club/Ad

Choosing the right golf club for the right shot is important and when it comes to Google AdWords, be sure to create relevant ads. One of the many misconceptions about Google AdWords is that bidding the most for a keyword will guarantee you show up toward the top position. However, Google now rewards accounts whose ads are more relevant to the keywords being bid on and the content searchers are looking for using Google. Optimizing your ads will get you better placement and Google won’t charge you as much.

Adjust for Every Shot/Round

Every time you step out on a course to play a round, you have to make adjustments. You have to adjust to the weather, the course layout and your inconsistent swing.Well, maybe that’s just me.

Each day brings new findings and understanding to help you improve your AdWords campaigns. Analyzing traffic, search histories, trends, conducting A/B testing of your ads to make sure the most effective ones are always being used and most important, adjusting your budgets accordingly are some daily routines that need to be done.

Sometimes you just need to take an extra club. If a keyword is performing better than others, be sure to reallocate your budgets to that keyword rather than those that aren’t performing as well.

Keep Score

Keeping score in golf is the only way to track your performance and your Google AdWords should always track your conversions, especially phone calls. Almost 70% of leads from Google AdWords for local businesses actually come from phone calls. Use a unique phone number and track the calls so you not only know how your campaign is performing, but can adjust it to perform at an optimal level.

These tips along with having a good caddie like 898 Marketing, can help you stay away from any bogies and avoid any bad habits that can prevent you from scoring big.

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