Triple-Digit Growth at Valley Office Solutions

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — As the world becomes more digitally connected and dependent, the risks business face, the need for security measures and office solutions will only grow greater in the new decade, says Bryan Blakeman, general manager of Valley Office Solutions and Peak I.T. Boardman.

To better serve customers, Valley Office, founded in 1983, separated the office and technology solutions it delivers into divisions and rebranded in 2015 by establishing Peak I.T. as an operating unit. 

“If 2019 is any indication, Valley Office and Peak I.T. are in a prime position to maintain their status as the area’s most trusted and comprehensive solutions for office and IT needs,” Blakeman says.

Valley Office has maintained its level of production and sales despite an industry decline as companies become more dependent on the use of digital files, he says. In response to the changing climate, Valley Office has “drastically changed how copier service agreements are priced,” he adds.  

“Rather than a customer being charged per copy, we have what we call the Peak Sherpa Plans (Everest and Kilimanjaro maintenance plans),” Blakeman explains. “These flat-rate plans are all-inclusive of supplies, services, freight charges, zero hidden charges and can be dependably budgeted month after month.”  

The Everest program goes further by providing a fixed service agreement for the duration of the contract (up to five years), with fixed monthly rates. “These plans eliminate meter readings, fluctuating bills and surprises of any kind,” Blakeman says. “This approach is new to the industry and Valley Office is the first to roll it out – not only here but nationwide.”

Meanwhile, Peak I.T. maintained a steady climb last year in all three areas of operations. Hardware sales saw a 33% year-over-year increase, I.T. contract services were up 138% and sales of VOIP cloud-based phone systems were up more than 200%, according to Blakeman.  

The increase in hardware is partly because of a new service for IT and copier clients, which can be billed monthly on a per-user basis, he says. Valley Office offers copiers, printers, phones, unlimited remote help desk and onsite technical services, servers, PCs, disaster recovery, cyber security/ransomware monitoring and other services that can be billed monthly per user. 

“This is another differentiator that puts Valley Office and Peak I.T. thinking above the cloud for our clients,” Blakeman says.

And, with the threat of cyberattacks at an all-time high, regardless of industry or company size, Peak I.T. “takes proper measures to ensure the dark web, cyber fraud and security breaches are detected and dealt with before it’s too late,” he says.

As such, Peak I.T. is offering a free dark web scan and security assessment for qualified local businesses.

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