Gilbert’s Risk Solutions Strives for Work/Life Balance

Submitted by James First, Marketing Coordinator
Gilbert’s Risk Solutions
30 E State St. Sharon, PA 16146

SHARON, Pa. – Gilbert’s Risk Solutions is a great place to work for many reasons.

Starting with the work/life balance, Gilbert’s values the employee’s life outside of work and ensures that all employees can leave work at work and enjoy their life after office hours. This also translates into the dress code and office lifestyle.

We have transformed into a more casual-leaning office, meaning all employees can dress a bit more casually. Gilbert’s also offers a hybrid working model, which gives employees a lot of flexibility in their workweek.

A new addition is our paid time off policy. The comopany is now operating with unlimited paid time off, which allows employees to take as much vacation as possible. Our management team also incorporates the psychology of the different languages of appreciation employees may have. This ensures that each employee can receive a management style that is better suited for their needs to keep them motivated and happy in their role.

Gilbert’s Risk Solutions also allows each employee to have one day for volunteerism to give back to their favorite nonprofits. Regarding employee appreciation, the company holds a monthly “Celebrate Success” meeting going over each department’s accomplishments and highlighting employees for their hard work. This is usually held over a company lunch in our conference center.

Alongside all of these benefits, overall, the team at Gilbert’s is very close, and there is a family-type mentality that includes everyone. I am happy to be an employee, and I feel that everyone at Gilbert’s appreciates the work I do.

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