Visit the ‘Idora Park Experience’ this Weekend

CANFIELD, Ohio –For the past two decades Jim and Toni Amey have spent their free time traveling the country looking for relics of Idora Park, but it wasn’t until last year that the public saw their collection.

The couple built a 4,400-square-foot building next to their home, 4450 South Turner Road, for the artifacts they’ve amassed.

Their collection ranges from signs to games to replicas of items lost when the park burned down in 1984. It includes the complete Idora Park Kiddietrain, coaster cars from both the Wildcat and Jack Rabbit roller coasters, turtles from the Turtle ride, a 23 foot long Silver Rocket Ship, a chariot from the Kooky Castle dark ride, and hundreds more ride, concession and park memorabilia.

Canfield Township allows the museum to be open to the public three weekends per year, the Ameys say, and last year’s openings attracted more than 2,000 people.

This year’s first open weekend is May 23 and 24. The entrance fee is $5 per person.

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Jim Amey, co-founder of the Idora Park Experience, holds the first item he collected for the museum: a light fixture from a vendor stand.


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