Warner Brothers-Billy Evans Link Is Topic Feb. 16

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — “The Warner Brothers and Billy Evans: Contemporaries and Youngstown Success Stories” is the topic of The Mahoning Valley Historical Society’s next Bites and Bits of History Lunch program at noon Feb. 16.

The presenter is Vince Guerrieri, a journalist and author.

In the early 1900s, Youngstown was a vibrant, growing city as thousands came to the Mahoning Valley drawn by jobs in industry.

Among them was a family of Jewish immigrants from Poland – the Warners – and the Evans family, who moved from Chicago so the family patriarch could manage a Carnegie Steel mill.

Billy Evans and the Warner brothers – contemporaries whose paths crossed at the Rayen School and Idora Park – charted their own courses, rising to the tops of their respective fields, movies and sports.

The presentation, at the Tyler History Center here, is free. Participants may bring their own lunch or visit Overture for the $6 Bites and Bits Lunch special, says Leann Rich, external relations manager at the center. Coffee, pop and water can be bought as well. To order the lunch special, call Overture at 330 744 9900.

For more information, call the history society at 330 743 2589 or visit www.mahoninghistory.org.

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