Webinar | A Healthy Start: Making Sure Your Facility Is Clean and Safe to Reopen

YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio — In this webinar, Contagion-Clean president and co-owner Dr. Robert Simerlink discusses the best practices for disinfecting your place of business to make it safe for the return of employees, customers and vendors.

Simerlink, who is a nurse anesthetist by trade and has a Ph.D. in medical science, offers a six-step solution to reopening using the acronym C.L.E.A.N.

Create a plan of action.
A plan of action includes a social distancing policy, floor plan reorganization, having adequate sanitizers available and implementing a cleaning schedule.

Learn the differences in products and companies.
Read the label to determine if a product is approved by the CDC, EPA and FDA, and whether or not it is toxic.

Expect the unexpected.
Disinfecting is often not a one and done solution, so be prepared to schedule additional disinfections to suit your company’s needs.

Allow time to disinfect.
Be mindful of the time it takes for a product to dry for maximum effect, and schedule your cleanings accordingly.

Notify employees and customers that your business is clean.
Employees and customers will appreciate you going the extra mile to assure them they are protected.

Located in Poland, Contagion-Clean offers a water-based disinfectant that is an alternative to harsh, toxic disinfectants, requiring only minutes to dry before allowing people to return safely to perform their activities or duties.

The company is one of a handful in the region whose solution is on the EPA’s N-List against harmful viruses including SARS and COVID-19. Hospitals and long-term care facilities previously have used this product to remove many of the CDC’s list of antibiotic resistant “super bugs.” It is also safe for use in restaurants, janitorial services, the oil and gas field, water reclamation, livestock and poultry, childcare centers, gyms, office spaces and more.

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