Webinar | COVID-19’s Impact on the Real Estate Market

Before the pandemic, the real estate market was tight, meaning that there was a historically low inventory of homes. Add to that rock-bottom mortgage rates and you have a highly competitive home-buying season.

In a normal market, a recession would normally have only a minor effect on the housing market. But, as we’ve learned, there has been nothing remotely normal about life or the markets these days.

Chad M. Cromer, president of NextHome GO30Realty, shared his insights on the current state of the real estate market in a webinar, giving a snapshot of supply and demand as it relates to the nation as a whole.

This webinar gives potential home buyers and sellers an opportunity to hear and learn from Cromer’s no-nonsense approach to buying and selling — especially during these unprecedented times.

Cromer also addressed questions related to mortgage guidelines  and offered practical buying and selling tips, including how homes are shown to buyers and what precautions are taken to ensure that this highly contagious virus is not spread from buyer to seller.

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